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Pittsburgh Chief Wants Greater Diversity

April 23, 2012  | 

Chief Nate Harper told KDKA he was disappointed the Pittsburgh Police Bureau had "no diversity in this last [academy] class," and promised more minorities and women in the next recruit class.

Chief Harper said he has personally tried to recruit more minorities, and pointed to the bureau's Diversity 365 program. Harper said program administrators must overcome resistance in the minority community.

In 1975, a federal judge ordered quota hiring in Pittsburgh. His decision was reversed in 1991.

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Bill Harvey @ 4/23/2012 6:53 PM

Good Luck Chief, with PA's certification requirements and MPOETC's hard core will be tough, wish you the best.

Tom Ret @ 4/23/2012 7:59 PM

Hire the most qualified-period.

Jim VG @ 4/23/2012 8:14 PM

Divedrsity is all well and good but the recruits have to qualify. This is one profession that can result in death or serious injury if the requirements are "dumbed down" to allow non-qualified personnel to enter.

Dustin @ 4/23/2012 10:05 PM

Common chief. Hire the best that make it through;whoever that might be.

Jim @ 4/23/2012 10:37 PM

Damn the qualifications. I want DIVERSITY!

Recruit everyone. Test everyone. Pick the best. It is that simple.


Trigger @ 4/24/2012 6:19 AM

As a former recruiter, background investigator and instructor I get upset when agencies/academies start justifying their diverse hiring process. If a person is qualified regardless of their skin color, sex, etc. they should have a shot in the hiring process. I have seen individuals who were pushed through the system so a higher diverse number could be presented to the community, etc. only to have those individuals become a liability. Chief I agree on having a diverese roster of personnel however don't cut corners to make that happen.

Mike @ 4/24/2012 7:36 AM

Best way for the Chief to make his goal a reality IMHO, is to start speaking to the youth in the community. Make becoming a cop a kids dream. Show them a career they can look up to, and they just might keep clean and fit and remain interested when they come of age.

It won't help the "next" class, but it will help the field tomorrow without handicapping officer safety today.

J @ 4/24/2012 1:28 PM

This diversity issue is B.S., that makes a lot of sense hiring a individual just because they are a minority (lets not worry about their intelligence). To bad we can't just hire the most qualified person regardless of race or gender... oh, wait a minute, that would be using common sense.

Frank @ 4/25/2012 8:31 AM

Chief you may eat those words. This is not some celeb game. This is about protecting the public and safety first. You take the best on the list regardless of their race or sex. When will this country learn that diversity will only take you so far. You pick the most qualified. I see a lawsuit in the cities future.

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