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Slain Officer's Father Asks N.H. to Name Part of Interstate for Son

January 24, 2008  | 

N. Bruce McKay, the father of slain Franconia (N.H.) Police Cpl. Bruce McKay, has asked the state legislature to name part of Interstate 93 for his son.

"I would be very proud if those in the Legislature could acknowledge his efforts as a symbolic affirmation of all the citizens among us who continue to serve and protect and vote affirmatively to name this portion of the Notch in his honor," N. Bruce McKay wrote in an opinion piece published earlier this week in a local newspaper.

Cpl. McKay was shot to death in May by Easton resident Liko Kenney. A passer-by came to McKay's aid and shot and killed Kenney.

A New Hampshire House committee has voted to study the proposal.

Some Franconia residents want to honor Cpl. McKay. Others oppose the plan, saying they believe the officer incited the attack with aggressive police tactics.

Kenney's sister-in-law Beth Towle Kenney told the Concord Monitor that highway dedication bill would be a "stab in the back."

The stretch of road involved was reportedly one of Cpl. McKay's favorite location on his patrol route.

Cpl. McKay's father wrote: "I have waited these last eight months and watched as a community attempted to resolve the issues they had regarding the murder of my son, Cpl. Bruce McKay of Franconia, and now the apparent partial consensus that he somehow was responsible for his own death…I don't understand this argument on any level."

McKay wrote that he understands the sorrow felt by the Kenney family, since he is feeling the same loss. "Waste is waste, and the loss of a child is nearly unbearable regardless of the circumstances."

But McKay is firm in his resolve to see his son honored despite the opposition.

"A small sign along the highway may offend some of the citizenry of Franconia, but I am sure that in the hearts of the many this acknowledgement represents an extension of their continued commitment to never forget a fallen hero who was exclusively there for them," McKay wrote.

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Comments (4)

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ROZKO @ 1/26/2008 5:24 AM

I'm down in South Florida and I am shocked and deeply offended that there would be some one that is against the dedication????? " he incited the confrontation"???? what the hell does that mean???? please profide more info PLEASE!!!!

entryman22 @ 1/26/2008 6:32 AM

This would be a very nice gesture to see Cpl. McKay honored in this way. What I do not like about this whole incident was that the public was divided when this happened, and most of them were saying that the two (McKay and Kenney) had a past history and that Cpl. McKay would "pick" on Kenney. Here is my feeling on it. Cpl. McKay, I believe, was one of 3 full time officers in the Town of Franconia, NH. Liko Kenney was 1 of probably only a handful of nit-wits in the town so I am sure that statistically, the police in town dealt with Kenney a lot, thus putting Kenney more in the public eye. Franconia is a pretty liberal area with a young hippie population so I am sure that they felt sorry for Kenney when all of this happened.

Immediately after the incident, several videos hit youtube showing past incidents with the two and more recently, the video where Cpl. McKay was slain. What I will never comprehend is the fact that there are those types of people out there that will try to kill you just because of the outfit you wear to work. The videos can be found on youtube by entering "officer bruce mckay" into the search field.

Mr. McKay should get the sign honoring his son's life, he made the ultimate sacrifice. I think the sign should be a lot bigger than described above in the text, I think that it should be big enough to read from the Kenney's house as a reminder as to why there son is dead.

Give Cpl. Bruce McKay a sign, remember the sacrifice that he made. All of us in small towns know at least one, if not a handful of people just like Liko Kenney who we deal with all of the time. Learn from this incident and do not get complacent with them, treat every interaction with them as if you are meeting them for the first time.

Be Safe and Godspeed

skinni99 @ 1/27/2008 7:54 PM

Who came up with, aggressive police tactics? I watched the video several times and unless I missed something, Cpl McKay pepper sprayed the idiot who ran from him. How is that aggressive. It may not have been the most tactical decision to approach the vehicle after a purusuit, but in my department pepper spray is on the bottom of low level force. Besides is it now ok to kill a law enforcement officer because he didnt use the tactics you like? Who comes up with this stuff?

pagan @ 2/1/2008 5:46 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't aggressive police tactics deter crime? Doesn't aggressive police tactics catch criminals in the act? Doesn't aggressive police tactics save peoples lives? Civilians need to understand that being a good aggressive police officer is not the same and is a world away from abuse and violating civil rights. He was a full time officer who knew his patrol area and the players in it. Give him his sign...... Give him a memorial....... Give him a scholarship fund. Anyone who doesn't like it can move. Just don't move to my patrol area because we practice aggressive police tactics.

Thank God we do not do this job for thanks....because we rarely get it.

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