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<p>Photo courtesy of Amaury Murgado.</p>

Readiness Bags  

October 23, 2012

By Amaury Murgado

A go bag is usually filled with loaded magazines, water, and snacks. It's a stop-gap to keep you functioning while away from your patrol car and main resources for a few hours.

<p>Photo: Mark W. Clark</p>

K-9 Training Challenges  

October 16, 2012

By Melanie Basich

A police K-9 isn't a simple weapon used to attack suspects. At least not anymore. Temperament, sensory ability, and certain natural drives are just some of the considerations. Not just any dog has what it takes to work in law enforcement.

<p>Photo courtesy of Brian Logan.</p>

N.J. Detective Splits Time as Cop and Football Coach  

October 3, 2012

By Melanie Basich

Det. Brian Logan of the Newark (N.J.) PD works the night shift verifying tips in a Crime Stoppers van so he can spend his afternoons coaching his local high school football team.

<p>Photo courtesy of Leslie Pond.</p>

How to Identify a Fake ID  

September 7, 2012

By Leslie Pond

Let's focus on the security features that aren't successfully replicated, such as micro print. Micro print is extremely small printed text that, to the naked eye, appears to be a solid line. When magnified, the letters are clear, distinct, and readable.

<p>Photo courtesy of Amaury Murgado.</p>

Drug Interdiction for Patrol  

September 5, 2012

By Amaury Murgado

You can't single-handedly win the "War on Drugs" as a patrol officer, but keen eyes and attention to detail on traffic stops can make an impact. A simple traffic stop could very well lead to a disruption in a drug supply line.

<p>Photo courtesy of Tom Wetzel.</p>

Defense Against Standing Choke Holds  

August 29, 2012

By Tom Wetzel

If a suspect is trying to choke you, you are in a deadly force encounter and accessing your handgun would be appropriate. But depending on what direction the bad guy assaults you from and the accuracy of your shot placement, your gun may not always provide the best immediate option.

<p>Photo: Amaury Murgado</p>

How to Study: 7 Tricks of the Trade  

August 28, 2012

By Amaury Murgado

I've taken and passed with flying colors a fair share of promotional exams in my time. Certain tricks helped me store the information in my head, and they can do the same for you.

<p>Photo courtesy of Amaury Murgado.</p>

Studying for Written Promotional Exams  

August 21, 2012

To achieve high scores on my exams I had to work my tail off and sacrifice a great deal. Unless you're gifted with a superior intellect and ironclad memory, so will you.

<p>Photo courtesy of Amaury Murgado.</p>

Oral Board Preparation  

July 10, 2012

By Amaury Murgado

Dealing with oral boards is a fact of life. One of your main objectives is finding a way to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. Like everything else in law enforcement, preparation is the key to your success.

<p>Photo courtesy of Amaury Murgado.</p>

Decision-Making Traps  

June 12, 2012

By Amaury Murgado

Law enforcement is filled with decision-making. You need to go deeper in your understanding of this near art form. To improve your own skills, you need to learn about decision-making traps and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

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