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The Casio G-Shock, the First Choice for Top Cops

July 06, 2017  |  by Jeremy Jesenovec

As one of the New York City's finest, NYPD Officer Michael Counihan knows what it means to be fully prepared. Cops must be fit, ready to do the job and well-equipped before hitting the streets each day. Michael will be the first to tell you that policing has never been more of a challenge. If you are an active first responder, you know the streets are unpredictable. Some days, you may be running after a fleeing suspect over rugged terrain or through back alleys with unknown dangers. Other days, you may be aiding a crash victim among scattered debris, or rescuing a drowning person from dangerous waters. And, without warning, you may find yourself fighting for your own life.

As a member of the department's Counterterrorism Division, Michael is motivated by the understanding that his level of safety is determined by his level of fitness. With every encounter, you and your gear are exposed to the harsh realities of law enforcement. For Michael to do his job, day in and day out, he needs equipment with that same toughness and resiliency to withstand whatever comes his way. That is why, when it comes to choosing the best watch for duty, Michael wears the Casio G-Shock.

Michael bought his first G-Shock 10 years ago, and he has never looked back. His decision was based on his demanding lifestyle. He needed a watch with extreme durability, powerful functionality, and rugged design. Today, the G-Shock is such an essential part of Michael's gear that he will not go a day without wearing.

The G-Shock meets Michael's needs during his intense workouts and strenuous training regimen. And with features such as solar power, GPS, atomic timekeeping, guarded button structure, and resistance to mud and dust, the G-Shock makes the perfect timepiece for day-to-day law enforcement operations.

When we asked Michael which G-Shock features he finds most useful, without hesitation, he said it was durability. He likes how the watch can take a beating or even get wet, and still come through no worse for wear. He also finds that the larger buttons are easy to press, even when wearing gloves. The large numbers and bright backlight, makes the G-Shock easy to read in all conditions. To give you an idea of what makes the G-Shock the best choice for police work, each watch offers vibration and water resistance, and is packed with technologies to prevent it from suffering direct shock.

But Michael sees the G-Shock as more than a functional and durable timepiece. He readily admits that when encountering the public, first impressions are important. It often takes nothing more than a command presence and a professional appearance to control a situation. The G-Shock's tactical, yet sporty, look and feel makes it an excellent complement to any police uniform. The G-Shock comes in a variety of models, all with a professional and confident design. 

For Michael, bodybuilding and dedication to duty represent something bigger than himself. It's about motivating others to believe in themselves, live a better lifestyle, and carry themselves with pride in their professional appearance and fitness. He believes the G-Shock represents this and more.

The G-Shock fits the culture of the law enforcement community: a tradition of pride, resiliency, and service. It is a do-anything, go-anywhere, first responder watch that has received praise from law enforcement and safety professionals. A solid choice to withstand even the toughest policing situation, the G-Shock is designed to provide nothing but the best performance in volatile circumstances, while representing the pride and professionalism of the men and women on the front lines every day.

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