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Bob Parker

Bob Parker

Lt. Robert Parker served with the Omaha (Neb.) PD for 30 years and commanded the Emergency Response Unit. He is responsible for training thousands of law enforcement instructors in NTOA's Patrol Response to Active Shooters courses.

Jose Medina

Jose Medina

Officer Jose Medina is an active member of the Piscataway (N.J.) Police Department's SWAT team and runs Awareness Protective Consultants (Team APC) tactical training.

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Dog Days of Summer (Part 2): Don't Just Shoot Them  Law Enforcement Only

September 3, 2009
Whenever another "family/friendly" dog is shot by LE, the condemnation by critics is immediate. I believe the days of the "just shoot them" policy are over. And if we don't solve the problem, someone from the outside will do it for us.

Dog Days of Summer (Part 1): Intro To Dog Attacks  

August 13, 2009
The reality is street cops are the first responders to virtually every type of emergency, including dog attacks. The following figures on dog bites are both revealing and startling.

Tough Times for Jersey City Police  

August 4, 2009
When the door was forced open with a ram, Officer DiNardo was first in, and immediately hit by a shotgun blast to the face from five feet away.

Keep Summer SWAT Deployments Balanced  

July 21, 2009
There's a potential danger for full-time teams that become so successful departments start to employ SWAT for everything. When this happens, the troops can easily become fatigued or view missions as "routine."

Summer: SWAT's Busy Season  

June 24, 2009

Summer is America's vacation time and law enforcement is no exception. Right when their "busy season" starts, so do vacation requests. More crime, fewer police—the predictable result is a strain and drain on LE agencies and their personnel.

Moving Forward: NTOA SWAT Standards and Oakland PD  

June 10, 2009

The SWAT community, while still affected by the recent tragic loss of fellow officers in the line of duty, are coming together to improve tactics and do what they do best: stop the bad guys.

Is Time On Your Side?  

June 9, 2009

With active shooters, and snipers before them, time is on the bad guys' side, not ours. With lives on the line, every second counts. This lesson about time wasn't fully learned until the deadly Columbine High School attack.

Embrace the Ripple Effect  

May 27, 2009
The loss of multiple officers in a single incident results in a ripple effect that almost always results in significant departmental changes, and is never forgotten. This ripple effect often reaches far beyond the effected agency itself.

Two California Departments Reeling From Officer Deaths  

May 26, 2009
To understand the gravity of controversy involving police actions, we need look no farther than the 1992 Los Angeles Riot, the deadliest riot in modern U.S. history, sparked by the acquittals of four LAPD officers. Or the more recent series of violent protests and clashes with police in Oakland, Calif., stemming from the January 1 controversial BART Police shooting of an unarmed man.

National Police Memorial Week: Never Forget  

May 13, 2009
Law enforcement deaths could easily weaken our profession's resolve to protect and serve. However, the exact opposite is true. Instead of weakening us, our thin blue line strengthens into a solid steel band of brothers. We may bend, but we will never break.
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