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Anonymous Cop

Anonymous Cop

Anonymous Cop is a veteran police officer in a big city Midwestern police department.

Mark Clark

Mark Clark

Mark Clark is the public information officer for a law enforcement agency in the southwest. He is also a photographer and contributor to POLICE Magazine.

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Telling People Where to Go and How They Can Get There  

July 6, 2007

There are times when the information provided is too simplistic. While descending on a suspect who was hellbent on taking out his girlfriend and her family with an AK-47, we were advised that the suspect was "on the right side of the girlfriend’s house." Without a "You Are Here" marker painted on the street, we couldn't tell if it was the right side when facing the house or the right side when looking out of it.

Education: The Key to Preventing Auto Theft and Burglary  

July 5, 2007
Auto burglary and auto theft make up a huge portion of an officer's report writing time. Anyone who has ever worked dayshift knows how many of these calls come in as soon as people wake up and check on their vehicles (or where their vehicle was the night before). While taking these reports, we get to hear the "obvious" ways victims made their car look like a glowing beacon at night to burglars.
Tags: Burglary

Silence is Golden  

June 25, 2007

Reasons for sound-proofing our approaches are myriad. Domestic calls are notoriously dangerous, with over half of the officers who die on such calls killed upon approach. One way to counter this danger is to make your approach in stealth mode.

Simple Things Suspects Will Do to Get Away from Us  

June 20, 2007

The average criminal offender will do just about anything to avoid contact, detention, or ultimate arrest.

On Them and in Them: Places Where Dirtbags Hide Drugs  Law Enforcement Only

June 7, 2007

"Are you holding?"

For cops and dopers, this question is the first move in a high-stakes game of hide and seek.

Preventing On-the-Job Injuries  

June 6, 2007
In many U.S. law enforcement agencies, it isn't uncommon for one in five officers to file worker's compensation claims in a given year. And most of these claims are valid.

How Cops Get People Killed  

May 31, 2007

Friendly fire. Erratic driving. Improper medical diagnoses. These are but a few officer-involved errors that have resulted in deaths of innocents. That isn't to say that we aren't conscientious professionals. But we do make mistakes.

In Cuffs, in Custody…and Still Dangerous  

May 30, 2007

Here is a common scene: Cop handcuffs suspect and places him in the backseat of a waiting patrol car. In the movies, this is usually performed with a dramatic flourish punctuated by a Miranda warning. In real life, this is sometimes punctuated by tragedy.

Be Ready for School Shooters and School Takeovers  

May 9, 2007
All of the experts agree that America will experience more “active shooter” situations in schools in the near future. What can you, an ordinary first responder, do to prepare a response to a school shooting or hostage situation at one of your local schools? Plenty.

Stay Calm on the Radio and On the Road  

May 9, 2007


How would you react to hearing this impassioned plea over the radio?

One deputy who'd been off training for only a few months felt that the tone of the broadcast was so emergent that it obligated him to respond code 3 to assist. As he did, he drove 80 mph through a red light and broadsided another vehicle.

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