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Doug  Wyllie

Doug Wyllie

Doug Wyllie has authored more than 1,000 articles and tactical tips aimed at ensuring that police officers are safer and more successful on the streets. Doug is a Western Publishing Association “Maggie Award” winner for Best Regularly Featured Digital Edition Column. He is a member of International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), an Associate Member of the California Peace Officers’ Association (CPOA), and a member of the Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA).

Richard Valdemar

Richard Valdemar

Sgt. Richard Valdemar retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after spending most of his 33 years on the job combating gangs.

The Real Reasons for Chicago's Deadly Crime Wave

Chicago's leaders lack the political will and political courage necessary to stop the violence.

August 08, 2018  |  by Jack Dunphy

It is an accepted but lamented fact of life among police officers that in order to rise on the promotional ladder, one must endorse the political fashions currently in favor among the city’s politicians. And the higher one ascends on that ladder, the more convincingly one must do so. As a consequence, reflecting the governing principles of almost any city you can name, most police chiefs are liberals, or at least pretend to be with a passing level of feigned sincerity.

But this creates a problem within a police department, to wit, a division in the rank structure between those at or near the top who adopt the leftist nostrums of the politicians, and those at the bottom who must go out onto the streets each day and confront the very real problems engendered by those very same leftist nostrums.

There exists no more vivid example of this than the city of Chicago, where Hillary Clinton received 84 percent of the 2016 presidential vote, and where there hasn’t been a Republican mayor since 1931. Between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, 74 people were shot in the city,12 of them fatally. In one seven-hour span, from about midnight Saturday to about 7:00 a.m. Sunday, 41 people were shot, five of whom died.

These spasms of violence are sadly characteristic of Chicago, or at least parts of it. And equally as routine as the weekend violence are the Monday press conferences at which Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson put on their angry (or sad) faces and denounce the perpetrators and talk about how the mayhem is “unacceptable.” “What happened this weekend did not happen in every neighborhood in Chicago,” said Emanuel, “but it is unacceptable [that] it happened in any neighborhood in Chicago.”

A question for the mayor: If it really is unacceptable, why do you continue to accept it?

He’ll never answer that question, but the answer is that for him, facing re-election as he is, it’s politically untenable to take the steps necessary to stop it.

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Jon Retired LEO @ 8/8/2018 3:33 PM

Well said! This article ought to really create a S$it storm among the liberal politicians and as the old saying goes "the truth really hurts".

kevcopaz @ 8/8/2018 5:49 PM

Exactly! These cities have been run (into the ground) by "well meaning and feeling" Democrat politicians who care nothing about anything but power and keeping control. This is the result of good cops doing nothing, bad cops getting away with being bad, gang members being raised by the very same people who refuse to help the cops. Any citizen that can leave have left, those that cant have closed their eyes to crime.There are 4 types of people left, criminals, those that protect them, those that are the victims and then those that ignore reality and turn away from it and do not get involved" who are cowerds. I came from Chicago, my entire family (cops for generations).as well as almost all of our friends have left over the years.All can be blamed on ineffective politicians and a "culture"(lack of better term) that raises gangsters and cares nothing about morals.This will not end till regular people stand up to criminals vote Dems out. When good men do nothing, this is the result.

Jim Barrett @ 8/8/2018 9:51 PM

It's trumps fault!!! No, wait, it's the russians! They need gun control! Wait for it... they already have it and it's working! No law abiding citizen has one. The city that gave the world al Capone and the 1968 democratic convention. As mayor daly used to say; "vote early, vote often".

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