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Richard Valdemar

Richard Valdemar

Sgt. Richard Valdemar retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after spending most of his 33 years on the job combating gangs.

America's Cage War Against Radical Islam

Gang members operating as the "fifth column" are providing aid to the the terrorists from inside the United States.

July 19, 2011  |  by Richard Valdemar - Also by this author

Chicago gang cops clearly understand the influence of radical Muslim religion on street gangs. Similarly, Los Angeles gangs have begun to evolve like the Chicago gangs from street thugs to organized criminal organizations and umbrella coalitions. They have become active in "cultural and ethnical reeducation" and local political campaigns under the First Amendment cover of "freedom of religion."

A new and more militant New Black Panther Party, and Black Guerrilla Family, has begun to embrace this same religious and political influence in California, where liberal local governments, state legislators and the courts continue to push "tolerance" and "multiculturalism" as the answer to the growing problem. This leniency and "looking the other way" often leads to what happened in Dearborn, Mich.

Dearborn Police Officer Daniel Saab, a Shiite Muslim and Hezbollah supporter, displayed a large Hezbollah poster in his city community policing office. That's not what got him fired.

Highly touted as a model Muslim officer in a city with a large Muslim population, he was indicted in September of 2007 for witness tampering, and producing false police reports. Saab was also convicted for stalking a state legislator, and for his involvement in a fire bombing of a non-Muslim Dearborn city councilman's car. He was represented by Islamist attorney and fellow Hezbollah supporter Nabih Ayad. American defense lawyers and groups such as the National Lawyers Guild, Prison Law Collective, and the ACLU often act as mouthpieces for the fifth column.

Prison: A Training Ground for American Jihadists

My sources in the prison system point out that we've always had a few Muslims from various sects in lockup. In the past, six or seven inmates would faithfully attend services and conduct themselves by the dictates of their religion and conscience. After 9/11, a new type of inmate began to attend Islamic services. These new Muslim inmates attended the services in greater numbers and they seemed to be more militant. The Islamic ulemas sometimes also changed, and the six or seven former faithful Muslims no longer attended regular services.

In the past, most of these Muslims were African Americans and followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan in the Nation of Islam. More recently, the Muslims were claiming Wahhabi Shiite, El Rukn, or other more radical followings.

In the early 2000s, a new prison gang and Islamic religious sect calling itself Jamiyyat UI Islam Is Saheeh ("Assembly of Authentic Islam") was started in California's Tehachapi prison by inmates Kevin James and Peter Amador Martinez. The radical group began to radicalize and recruit inmates in a jihad against the U.S.

Levar Washington, a member of Los Angeles' Rolling 60s Crips, was sent to prison in 1999 on charges of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. In prison, he fell under the influence of Kevin James and joined the group. James trained Washington to carry the jihad out to the streets after his release from prison. Recognizing the vulnerability of parolees to search-and-arrest by law enforcement, he was told to recruit members without criminal records. Upon his release, Washington recruited Gregory Patterson, a 21-year-old employee of the duty-free gift shop at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Patterson had no prior criminal record or gang involvement.

Apparently not interested in LAX as a target, the two jihadists amassed a cache of money they would need for their war against the U.S. by robbing local gas stations. When the two were arrested for the robberies by Torrance Police detectives in July of 2005, the cops found ballistic vests and written material associated with jihad extremists. They also recovered paperwork listing possible targets of the Israeli consulate, two synagogues, and a military recruiting facility.

Later, a Los Angeles Sheriff's deputy from Compton Station stopped a large muscular African-American male and engaged him in a consensual conversation. He turned out to be a heavyweight boxer and gave the deputy a large color photo and advertisement for his "African Zulu Boxing" training. The flyer also listed his contact numbers. The most interesting part of the advertisement was a photo next to his own likeness of an African silverback gorilla (a symbol of the Black Guerrilla Family prison gang) and the words "Black Gorilla Family." He called himself "Saifallah," which is an Arabic word for "Sword of Allah."

This isn't the kind of pabulum you're used to hearing regarding profiling and Islamic terrorists. I know most Muslims aren't extreme religious fanatics and terrorists. I know because I've cultivated several of them as informants. They're also often victimized by these same radical extremists. They are sometimes extorted and intimidated into financially contributing to false "humanitarian charities" that support terrorists.

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Comments (4)

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Rick @ 7/19/2011 7:01 PM

One error in the article; this is a religious war not against extremist islam, it is against islam itself. There isn't a mild form or islam; there are extremists that carry out and fund attacks, and there is moderate islam that funds extremists via charities, supports extremists by not speaking out against them and confronting them. Islam has always been spread through lies, deceit and by the sword.

Morning Eagle @ 7/19/2011 11:04 PM

Rick, your comments are right on. This is a good and timely article. Where we are now in the domestic aspect of this war is in large part directly due to the "politically correct" head-in-the-sand view of tolerance for so-called cultural diversity. Our "leaders" refuse to acknowledge the fact that the ultimate goal of Islam is conquest of the world. Muslims believe that is what they have been commanded to do and that any means used to accomplish it are honorable. They must be laughing out loud at western stupidity for playing right into their plans to overcome the "Great Satan" as we stumble along fearful of calling it what it is, afraid to profile because they would accuse us of discrimination. The TSA debacle at airports is a good example when octogenarian ladies in wheel chairs are scanned and groped while people dressed as Muslims are allowed to walk through unimpeded so we don't offend them. Just who has been attacking us for decades causing thousands of deaths, untold injuries and billions of dollars in property damage? Yet we have become AFRAID to "profile" them. The increasing explosion of Islamic cells in prison populations and recruitment in street gangs certainly bodes ill for the future. If America doesn't wake up to this deadly threat and deal strongly with it now, tomorrow it will be too late and eventually will result in widespread violence and acts of terrorism.

Dr. Bill Sims, Ph.D. @ 7/20/2011 11:17 AM

An excellent article. I would only add that the war is between civilization and Islam. The notion of "radical Islam" is a falsehood. A bit of propaganda pushing the false notion that the radicals are not representative of Islam. Indeed, the most violent Muslims are the ones following Islam's creed most closely. And terrorism in the service of Islam is widely supported by even the most purportedly mainstream and moderate Muslims.

Tom @ 7/21/2011 8:53 PM

There is no place in this country for sharia law. Even the liberals should understand this, if they are not brain dead.

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