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Richard Valdemar

Richard Valdemar

Sgt. Richard Valdemar retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after spending most of his 33 years on the job combating gangs.

Mexican Cartel Violence: None Dare Call It Terrorism

Cartels battling for control of trafficking routes into the U.S. should be labeled as what they truly are: terrorists.

June 21, 2010  |  by Richard Valdemar - Also by this author

In the happier 1950s, a dam was built on the Rio Grande River, creating a 99,000-acre reservoir stretching more than 60 miles along the international border. The man-made lake was named the International Falcon Reservoir. Both Mexican and American citizens benefit from the flood control, irrigation, water, power and recreation the lake provides. Falcon Lake is famous for the monster bass that abound in its waters. Stretching across the lake is the international boundary marked by a series of 14 large concrete beacons, but fisherman from both countries often would venture across the line to seek more and bigger fish.

More recently tons of marijuana and other drugs have been intercepted by U.S. law enforcement crossing Falcon Lake. Last year, the Border Patrol seized 18,000 pounds of weed valued at over $14 million. This makes Falcon Lake a valuable smugglers' route, valuable enough to go to war over.

Zapata County Sheriff Sigi Gonzales has done more than his part in leading his deputies in attempting to police this border territory. In March of this year, when he began to get reports of Russian helicopters flying over his county, he was doubtful. Soon he was provided with close-up digital photographs of a Russian chopper flying at treetop level. Sheriff Gonzales contacted the surrounding military and civilian airports and radar stations in an attempt to confirm the Russian chopper sightings.

Much like someone trying to report a flying saucer sighting, he got mocking denial. "But maybe it was flying below your radar," he reasoned. He eventually showed them the photographs. Nobody would acknowledge or even treat seriously his reports. Because of the markings seen by eyewitnesses, they believe this was a Russian chopper flown by the Mexican Navy.

The coast of Africa is not the only body of water plagued by pirates. On Lake Falcon, black clad Mexican pirates armed with fully auto assault rifles utilize high powered bass boats, as well as captured skiffs and motor boats to board U.S. and Mexican boats and extort fishermen. Sometimes the pirates claim they are Federales (Federal Police) but some have been seen wearing a large "Z" tattooed on their arms or necks. The Z is the radio call sign for the bloodthirsty Los Zetas Cartel.

Zapata County and Falcon Lake have become a war zone for fighting between the Gulf Cartel drug gang and the Zetas Cartel gang. Recently leaflets printed by the cartels warned the Mexican residence to evacuate the combat area surrounding Falcon Lake.

Sheriff Sigi Gonzales obtained reliable intelligence that members of the Zeta and their trainees, the Zetitas (Little Zetas), were plotting to blow up the Falcon Lake dam in order to flood the surrounding area. A small stash of dynamite was discovered near the dam. The motive of the gang wasn't to kill thousands of citizens; if it was, why did the cartel circulate printed warnings? It was an attempt to exact revenge against its rival Gulf Cartel and to deny the lucrative smuggling route to their enemies.

Can you imagine the collateral damage? If this plot had been successful, it would have been a much more effective "terrorist incident" than the May 1 car bomb attempt in New York's Times Square.

In a recent seizure, Sheriff Sigi Gonzales' deputies confiscated 3,500 AK-47 rounds and 320 military issue .50 caliber machine-gun rounds. I wonder what the Mexican drug cartel's plan might have been for using this much ammo. President Obama has now ordered 1,200 National Guard troops to the region.

It's time we start calling these drug cartel gangs terrorists.

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Comments (2)

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Morning Eagle @ 6/22/2010 6:24 PM

Another excellent piece by R. Valdemar telling it like it is now and providing a clear view of where the situation is headed - North! - unless effective action is taken to stop the spread of this malignancy from south of the border. Putting a few National Guardsmen down there as "observers only" will have very little if any effect except wasting tax dollars. And, WHERE ARE the 1200 NG's "promised" by the greatest, most experienced commander in chief that has ever graced the White House with his presence? So what if the states requested 6000 troops? The Great One obviously knows best. Keep your powder dry boys and girls.

SAM551974D @ 6/27/2010 6:31 PM

Excellent Job Rich (spot on again)!! This is a non (PC) term used in Police as needed/required - the other I recall was Editorial May 2009 Page (8) "Cancer Treatments" Police Readers and others have a lot of ideas for countering the cross-border TERRORISM by the Mexican Drug Cartels...By David Griffith...

We all know what happens when cancer is left untreated or treatments fail or are left unchecked!! And the just always have a rule they must follow that puts them at a disadvantage for the cure with a long trail of innocent victims and some not so innocent ones!

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