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Richard Valdemar

Richard Valdemar

Sgt. Richard Valdemar retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after spending most of his 33 years on the job combating gangs.

Blog - Gangs

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Criminal Gangs and the Occult  

March 28, 2008
No traditional Hispanic gang member I ever knew would have dug up Grandma from her tomb, or desecrated a church altar or a statue of the Madonna.

Gangs on Meth  

March 14, 2008
The drug is dangerous to law enforcement in several ways. The chemicals utilized are highly toxic and volatile. Clandestine labs are often booby trapped against the police.

How Good Kids are Seduced into Gangs – PART 2 – The Schoolyard Story  

March 14, 2008

The bully "Giant" preyed on more than just your skinny crew. Often he picked on the girls. But now they know that you can protect them from the Giant. Are you a gang? Not yet, but if you continue in this "solution" without some intervention, you are on your way.

How Good Kids are Seduced into Gangs—PART 1  

March 7, 2008

Winning potential gang members' minds and hearts occurs early, often as early as grammar school. It is founded in the common experiences almost all children must endure. These negative experiences include social exclusion, feelings of fear, bullying, and victimization.

Los Angeles Gangs and Hate Crimes  

February 29, 2008

Soon the prison race war spilled into the streets. The first battles were in the Santa Monica and Venice areas at apartment complexes like the Oakwood and Mar Vista Apartments.

How Gangs Use the Justice System  

February 22, 2008

Gang members have found inventive ways of bringing drugs into the courts. Perhaps the most offensive method of delivery was to enlist the help of court officers.

What Not to Do in Anti-Gang Programs  

February 15, 2008

I don't mean to sound like Los Angeles or I personally have all the answers to the world's gang problems, but during my more than three decades fighting gangs, I have seen many programs in Los Angeles that have failed. I have learned what does and what doesn't work.

The Rise and Fall of the Nazi Low Riders  

February 1, 2008

We were waiting for a violent paranoid tweeker we knew was armed with a Glock pistol and running on parole. He told all of his associates that he would not be taken alive. He was also a member of the Nazi Low Rider (NLR) prison gang.

Chuckie, Midget, and the Compton Tortilla Flats Gang  

January 25, 2008
I was there when this monster was spawned. The Tortilla Flats Gang was born in Compton, Calif., about 1962.

The Mongol Motorcycle Gang and the Mexican Mafia  Law Enforcement Only

January 22, 2008
These outlaw gangs are not known for their adherence to truces and coalitions. When you deal with the Devil you can't expect honesty and fair play. The Mongols had already let the Devil into the deal in the early 1970s.
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