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David Griffith

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Melanie Basich

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Editor's Notes

Emerson Pulls Lid Off Stealth Jihad at TREXPO East

Radical Muslims are seeking to change American society from the inside.

August 19, 2010  |  by - Also by this author

Steve Emerson speaks at POLICE-TREXPO East 2010. Photo by David Griffith.

Noted author and investigative journalist Steven Emerson began his keynote presentation today at POLICE-TREXPO East in Chantilly, Va., by explaining that he was going to talk about two types of jihad: the violent type and what he calls the "stealth jihad."

Drawing on material from his recent book "Jihad Incorporated" and using recent events as examples, Emerson detailed the rapidly growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in American society. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in the 1920s and was the root of al-Qaeda and Hamas and every other "significant Sunni terror group."

Emerson told the TREXPO audience that the Muslim Brotherhood is now working in America through dozens of organizations, including the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Student Association, and the Islamic Society of North America.

Emerson showed documents outlining the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy for penetrating, subverting, and infiltrating the United States in order to advance sharia (Muslim law) and establish a worldwide Muslim state called a "caliphate."

One of the ways that Emerson says the Muslim Brotherhood is advancing its radicalism is through what he calls "The Narrative." Widely believed by many young Muslims, the Narrative says that the West is at war with Islam and that the United States, Israel or both perpetrated the 9/11 attacks in order to trigger that war.

Emerson said that he has spoken in front of hostile young Muslim audiences and tried to get them to see that Osama bin Laden himself has claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks, but he has never been successful in changing their minds. "Once they believe the Narrative, you can't change their reality," Emerson said. "And believing the Narrative is a precondition for radicalization. Stealth jihad is a legal insurgency that ultimately leads to violence."

Emerson slammed the Obama administration and the Bush administration as "witting and unwitting accomplices" of the Muslim Brotherhood. He gave examples of how the Muslim Brotherhood and Holy Land Foundation were recently invited to a White House Iftar (Ramadan) dinner and Hamas supporters were invited to a Department of Homeland Security counterterrorism conference. He said the problem is that the government is naive.

"The U.S. government sees dialog with radicals as outreach," Emerson explained. "The radicals see dialog with the government as a way to acquire legitimacy."

A former CNN reporter, Emerson saved his harshest words for the mainstream media. Calling himself a "reformed journalist," Emerson said, "I harp on the role of the media in promoting the radical Islamist cause because the media is the virus that helps spread the disease."

Emerson said the media is too willing just to hear what the radicals want to say, and it doesn't do due diligence. He showed an example of how through open source material he was able to debunk the peaceful words of a radical Muslim leader who was often invited to the Clinton White House. Emerson played a clip in which the man told a foreign audience, "Outside the country we can say Allah destroy America, but inside America it is our mission to change it."

Emerson also addressed the controversy over plan to build a mosque just blocks from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. "I have no problem with building a mosque on this site," he said. "What I have a problem with is the people who are building it."

Emerson claims that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. "It is insane, and it is self-destructive to allow radical Muslims to build centers on our soil that will become centers of gravity for jihad."

Emerson said he had great respect and admiration for truly moderate Muslims who speak out against the radicals. But he warned the audience to be wary of groups who say they oppose terrorism but still support Hamas and Hezbollah such as the CAIR.

He drew parallels between David Duke's attempt to refine the Ku Klux Klan's image and these so-called moderate Muslim organizations with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He said the media would never let Duke divorce himself from the Klan's agenda the way it lets CAIR and other Muslim organizations separate themselves from the radical agenda.

"What we have to do is delegitimize these organizations the way the KKK was delegitimized in the 50s and 60s," Emerson said to a standing ovation.

Emerson's website, The Investigative Project on Terrorism, is an additional resource for law enforcement agencies and lists known radical Muslim groups.

Listen to our podcast interview with Emerson. He explains how American law enforcement can foil stealth jihadists and tells you what you need to know about the Islamic cultural center proposed near Ground Zero.

(Editor's Note: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has denied a connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. He has also refused to deny support for Hamas, a Sunni terrorist organization linked to the Muslim Bortherhood.)

Comments (7)

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chp7016 @ 8/19/2010 6:00 PM

With all due respect, there are a lot of unsubstantiated charges here, though I realize they are very popular to the crowds running th streets. The "dialogue" in this country is getting very volatile. As peace officers, we need to try, more than anyone, to be above the violent rhetoric and carefully read both sides--and not TAKE sides. That's not our job. POLICE can help us keep a balanced perspective by giving us more balanced, factual articles than this.

LupusMilitis @ 8/21/2010 10:41 AM

chp7016- weird that these words would be spoken by a chippie...truly, I am ever so shocked.

There is no inflammatory speech in this article. If you actually read the words that are written, you would see that Emerson clearly states that he fully supports TRULY MODERATE Muslims who decry the violence being perpetrated by violent jihadist Muslims. What any reader should take from this article is that they need to make sure to not buy into the BS we are fed that any discerning look into Muslim groups is somehow racist, bigoted or uninformed. You are also incorrect that as Peace Officers, we should somehow be immune to "taking sides". Quite the contrary, as Peace Officers, we have a DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to gather the facts and then DECIDE which side is right and which side is wrong. By the pure nature of our jobs, enforcing the laws of our states (or in some cases, vehicle codes...), we are mandated to take a side: The side of justice.

You sir or ma'am should very carefully reconsider your stance on this fact and in fact, your choice of profession. If you are truly not ready to make such decisions, particularly because said decision may have difficult to deal with political/social consequences, you may want to look elsewhere for employment. I for one will continue to learn about the true jihadi mindsets, actions and plans and I will take a stand if and when it becomes necessary to uphold the oath I took (twice I might add) to defend the United States and the State of CA.

I am forced to ask, based on your comment, have YOU ever actually done any studying on this matter? Have you ever had contact with radical Muslims bent on your demise? I only ask because I and many others have.

reg1266 @ 8/24/2010 3:31 PM

I'll side with chp7016 on this one. Before buying anything so-called expert Steve Emerson says, it might be a good idea to check on his past record of unsubstantiated charges, inaccurate predictions, claims of inside information that have proven false, and attacks on those who point out his errors and outright fabrications. I, for one, would take his claims with a big grain of salt.

LANL0321 @ 8/27/2010 1:45 AM

reg1266 & chp7016, I agree with taking any "experts" opinion with a grain of salt, this one included. But in this case, it really seems that if you read the article, you will realize that it is truly a realistic look at one of our primary enemies. Take note of his stance on the Bush Administration, the KKK, and the mosque at ground zero. Like LM, I too have seen Fundamentalists in person and I do not doubt their saavy to attack on varios fronts. Read up, do the research, and realize that there are those that would do this if allowed. I recommend getting someone from your local JTTF to come to your Agency and give a brief on Radical Islam. You may be shocked. There are bad guys from all walks of life, but as a LEO, you need to know as much as possible about them all.

wolfva @ 9/20/2010 7:14 PM

I attended this seminar. During it, I heard Mr. Emmerson not only make claims about various 'peacefull' Islamic leaders, but also provide evidence to back those claims. Such as videos of clerics denouncing America. His comments about the 'stealth jihad' backs other research I've seen from people not associated with Mr. Emmerson.

PAm @ 1/31/2011 6:59 AM

When I first heard these words and similiar views from others including a female that was married to someone from the brotherhood, inside and now under constant watch for death threats , I was skeptical. Then I read the Koran, as we read the old and new testament so is the Koran divided. There is the old wich professes a more peaceful time but then there is the new wich tauts war and hatred for any americans or religious that do not believe in their religion. It isnt a matter of color it is creed, if you dont except their Koran and its teaching you should die. What better way then from the inside out. Divide, conquer and kill all the infadils in their own back yard. We have an obligation to protect and serve but what we are doing now is handing our homeland to the very people that will kill us. The hardest thing will be like every other war whom can you trust. I'm praying to God for strength, courage and wisdom.

Sheriff @ 10/13/2011 10:13 PM

Re: invite JTT to gove you a brief, JTTFs get their info from "experts" like Emerson so their info is the same as Emerson's. Emerson has very sloppy inestigative reports. He has not brought forward any new materials, he has been recycling the same info from the 80's. He no expert in my books...

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