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David Griffith

David Griffith

David Griffith has been editor of POLICE Magazine since December 2001. He brings more than 25 years of experience on magazines and newspapers to POLICE. A Maggie award-winning journalist, his byline has appeared on hundreds of articles in POLICE and other national magazines.

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Doug Wyllie

Doug Wyllie has authored more than 1,000 articles and tactical tips aimed at ensuring that police officers are safer and more successful on the streets. Doug is a Western Publishing Association “Maggie Award” winner for Best Regularly Featured Digital Edition Column. He is a member of International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), an Associate Member of the California Peace Officers’ Association (CPOA), and a member of the Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA).

Melanie Basich

Melanie Basich

Managing Editor Melanie Basich joined POLICE Magazine in 2000 (when her last name was still Hamilton). An award-winning journalist, she has covered such topics as agency budgets, officer suicide, emerging law enforcement technologies, and active shooter tactics. She writes and manages the product section of POLICE.
Editor's Notes

Real "Christian" Warriors

The Michigan-based militia that plotted to murder cops has a lot to answer for from both God and man.

March 30, 2010  |  by - Also by this author

Photo by Storm Crypt via

Last year the Department of Homeland Security put its foot in a bear trap when it released a report on the dangers of a rise in "rightwing extremism" because of the election of the nation's first African-American chief executive and because of the economic meltdown. Some people were really incensed because it implied that some American military personnel returning from the wars were likely to join militias. The agency quickly followed up that report with numerous TV appearances by director Janet Napolitano trying to extract her foot from that trap.

Where the DHS erred is that military personnel are no more likely to be extremists than anybody else. Also, the report focused only on right-wing domestic terrorists.

It would have been much more intelligent for the agency to release a report on all domestic terrorists because brothers and sisters we got a bunch of 'em on both sides of the political fence. We got neo-Nazis and radical Jews; we got Klansmen and black militants; we got Christian supremacists and Muslim supremacists, and we got ELF and ALF and dozens of other acronyms. And now we have the Hutaree.

If you had asked me who the Hutaree were before Monday, I swear on everything I hold dear that I would have guessed that was the name of the Indians on the old "F Troop" TV show. But that was actually the Hekawi.

And unfortunately the Michigan-based Hutaree are not a laughing matter. They are allegedly vicious SOBs who plotted to murder a bunch of you guys, police officers.

Federal indictments detail a plan so heinous it deserves repeating because you need to be on guard for this kind of stuff. They were reportedly going to lure a local cop into an ambush and kill that officer. Then they were going to wait until other officers gathered from miles around for their victim's funeral and set off IEDs to bomb the procession. Their goal was to start a war between themselves and the U.S. government.

Thankfully, the FBI and local law enforcement spoiled the Hutaree's party last week and the nine conspirators are facing charges of conspiracy to commit sedition and plotting to use weapons of mass destruction. Hopefully the justice system won't fail us this time, and these guys will end up doing life in SuperMax. That's about all we can hope for since we no longer hang traitors in this country.

Alleged Hutaree leader David Stone reportedly told his followers that "Hutaree" means "Christian warrior." I have a couple of comments on this.

First, I am a Christian. And I've never liked saying I know what Jesus would say about any particular current event. I don't feel qualified to put words in the mouth of my Lord. That being said, I'm 100-percent sure he wouldn't approve of these idiots or their insidious plot.

Second, in what language does "Hutaree" mean "Christian warrior?" Is this from the Klingon dictionary? Hint to Mr. Stone: "Crusader" means "Christian warrior." The word comes to us from the same Latin root word that gave us "cross," "crux." That's why the Crusaders put crosses on their tunics. I hate it when people have no grasp of history.

Finally, this is my message to all of the readers of this blog: There's only one type of person who deserves the honor of calling themselves a "Christian warrior" today in modern America and that's a person who helps defend the weak from the strong and the helpless from those who would exploit them. Regardless of their choice of faith or even lack of any faith: America's police officers and troops are "Christian" warriors not because they are forcing others to be Christian or slaughtering unbelievers like the misguided Crusaders but because they sacrifice themselves to save others and maintain peace in the world.

May God bless each and every one of you warriors and keep you safe from domestic terrorists like the Hutaree and from foreign enemies of any stripe.

Comments (6)

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utalkintome @ 3/30/2010 8:17 PM


Morning Eagle @ 3/30/2010 8:49 PM

When I first saw the headline on the arrest story calling this group "Christian" my question was 'why is Policemag parroting the media and government line designating them as Christian?' when it should be obvious they are not, even if they claim to be. So, thank you for this article saying what needs to be said. And not to worry, they will most likely be thoroughly prosecuted and judged, after all, they aren't Muslims.

Coastie @ 3/31/2010 1:43 PM

Correction on the"misguided Crusaders" comment. The Crusaders blocked Islamic expansion into Europe, then set about to free the Holy Land from Islamic influence. Perhaps we wouldn't be combating Islamic terrorists backed by Islamic countries if the Crusaders had been more successful. Don't you just hate it when people have no grasp of history?

l connelly @ 7/26/2010 11:53 AM


Thank you for breaking down the words to a basic level of understanding as well as having the guts to stand up for values worth defending.

Ima Leprechaun @ 5/6/2012 5:06 AM

Actually I read the entire indictment and they had no affiliation with any group, religion or organization. They were five out of work morons with nothing better to do. They had raided a Klan rally and threw stones at the Klansmen. They hated the Wall Street Protestors and wanted to mess with them. They had hundreds of plans that they had no way to implement. The bridge they wanted to blow up they were going to block the road off so no cars would be on the bridge and do it late at night when almost nobody was out. In the indictment they told the CI they really weren't about hurting anybody they just were looking for a cause to pursue. Without the CI they had no access to explosives. They were truly morons not much smarter than a first grader. Two were convicted felons and wouldn't carry a gun because they were affraid if they were caught the guns that would enhnace any sentence.(like C-4 wouldn't) Read the indictment in the Cleveland Plain Dealer it is informative. They were very disorganized and the CI was the smartest one of the group.

Ima Leprechaun @ 5/6/2012 5:11 AM

Sorry, I was on the wrong page...oops. I was referring to the five guys from Michigan arrested in Cleveland for domestic terrorism. My bad!

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