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Women in Law Enforcement

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Editor's Notes

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Latest Posts

Foot and Hoof Patrol: Meaningfully Connecting Cops and Citizens  

Agencies big and small can benefit from keeping their foot, bike, and mounted units well-staffed and supported—failing to do so can do more harm than any budgetary savings can justify.

Friday, December 7 | Patrol

Foot patrol is the essence of community policing—officers on foot create opportunities for the public to connect with their police (and vice versa). Conversely, when officers are wrapped in two tons of metal and plastic, that opportunity for real connection is essentially lost.

Arrive Alive: Police Must Reduce Single-Vehicle Crashes on Patrol  

A first responder can provide no assistance to a person in need if they never get to the scene.

Friday, November 30 | Patrol

Too many officers are driving themselves into their graves—turning their cars into their coffins—in single-vehicle crashes. According to ODMP, there were 34 such preventable duty deaths in a three-year span from 2016 to the present. It's impossible to know how many officers were seriously injured but survived single-vehicle crashes during that time period. Something must be done.

Officer Safety Considerations for Foot Pursuits  

Myriad hazards exist for officers engaging in foot pursuits—from sudden medical emergency to ambush on officers, foot pursuits can turn deadly in an instant.

Friday, November 23 | Patrol

While empirical data doesn't exist—at least to my knowledge—on lost productivity due to injuries sustained during foot pursuits, anecdotal evidence suggests that medical leave following such activities is significant enough to give some thought to the matter.

Recharging Your Batteries: The Benefits of "Unplugging"  

It's important—and extremely beneficial—to spend some time completely disconnected from the job, and all manner of digital media related to it.

Friday, November 16 | Patrol

There is certainly benefit to being current on events involving the people you consider family—your brothers and sisters across the country with whom you share a special bond—as well as the world at large. However, it's also important—and extremely beneficial—to spend some time completely disconnected from the job. This is a lesson I recently re-learned.

Speaking on the Unspeakable: Ending the Pandemic of Police Officer Suicide  

Imagine if 154 officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty in a single year. The outrage would be intense. And yet, even though that number of police officers died by suicide in 2017, very few police officers or agencies have demonstrated the level of urgency that this issue merits.

Friday, November 9 | Patrol

I've talked with officers who have lost a colleague to suicide—as well as many widows of officers who died by suicide—and just about everyone has said that the warning signs were there before tragedy struck. They just didn't put the pieces together until it was too late. Let's all do a better job of helping officers in crisis.

Love and Hate: Some Observations about the Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack  

Given the fact that there are disturbed individuals like the man who reportedly killed those 11 people in Pittsburgh on Saturday, it seems reasonable to find a way to place highly trained and willing volunteers in a position to end a potential attack.

Friday, November 2 | Patrol

It's somewhat disappointing that it takes an act of evil for the pure good in people to come bubbling visibly to the surface, but when the deep-down-good does show itself, we are reminded that it's been there all along—it's just been hiding beneath the waterline.

Police Humor: 12 Jokes about Law Enforcement and Police Work  

It's time to take a little break from heavy subjects and have a little fun.

Friday, October 26 | Patrol

Unbeknownst to many in the public—but well-known to pretty much all of the men and women who stand behind the thin blue line that protects them—police officers have a tremendous sense of humor. It's time to take a little break from heavy subjects and have a little fun.

Why Schools Should Teach Students about Policing and Constitutional Law  

In my version of civics class, students would not only learn about the United States Constitution and the law-enforcement-relevant Supreme Court cases, but also the content delivered in a citizens' police academy.

Friday, October 19 | Patrol

I've long held the belief that a year-long civics class should be a requirement nationwide. Further, these classes should include more than just the basic structure of government. Curriculum should incorporate Constitutional Law and Supreme Court cases related to the Fourth and Eighth amendments, as well as police policies, procedures, and practices.

Training School Teachers and Administrators to Respond to Active Killers  

I contend that a small number of teachers in America should be allowed to carry concealed on campus—on a couple of important conditions.

Friday, October 12 | Patrol

Very few people who get into teaching have the mental, emotional, or physical fortitude to use deadly force when under imminent threat. However, every teacher should receive some level of active shooter response training—everyone should have at least some idea of what to do in an attack.

IACP 2018: Watching Trump's Speech to Law Enforcement  

The President expressed his great admiration and appreciation for law enforcement, praised individual officers, and proposed measures to reduce violence against officers and the public.

Wednesday, October 10 | Editor's Notes

Trump slammed the Obama administration for restricting law enforcement's acquisition of military surplus equipment based on concerns of militarization. He called that "a very strange reason" for keeping life-saving equipment away from officers. "People are shooting at you and some people are worried about how you look,"

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