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Women in Law Enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement

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Editor's Notes

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Latest Posts

Training School Teachers and Administrators to Respond to Active Killers  

I contend that a small number of teachers in America should be allowed to carry concealed on campus—on a couple of important conditions.

Friday, October 12 | Patrol

Very few people who get into teaching have the mental, emotional, or physical fortitude to use deadly force when under imminent threat. However, every teacher should receive some level of active shooter response training—everyone should have at least some idea of what to do in an attack.

IACP 2018: Watching Trump's Speech to Law Enforcement  

The President expressed his great admiration and appreciation for law enforcement, praised individual officers, and proposed measures to reduce violence against officers and the public.

Wednesday, October 10 | Editor's Notes

Trump slammed the Obama administration for restricting law enforcement's acquisition of military surplus equipment based on concerns of militarization. He called that "a very strange reason" for keeping life-saving equipment away from officers. "People are shooting at you and some people are worried about how you look,"

How Police Agencies Can Help Prevent K-9 Duty Deaths  

Ultimately, the health and welfare of a police K-9 falls on the shoulders of the dog's handler, but those officers can use a little more help from the agencies—and the communities—they serve.

Friday, October 5 | Patrol

A police K-9 is not just a member of the department—they are also a family member of the handler. Handlers and their K-9 partners basically spend their lives together—off duty and on—for many years. Most handlers keep their dogs after the animal is retired from active duty. The bond between a handler and "man's best friend" is truly unique. When a police dog dies in the line of duty, the emotional impact is just as difficult—albeit decidedly different—as when a human partner is killed.

FBI Says Crime is Down, So Why Does It Feel Like the Opposite is True?  

Simply—and importantly—numbers lie.

Friday, September 28 | Patrol

The estimated number of violent crimes in the United States decreased 0.2% in 2017 compared to 2016, according to FBI data released on Monday. Property crimes reportedly dropped 3.0%. So why does it feel to most cops on the street that the exact opposite is true?

How the Bond between Cops and Kids Might Help Solve the Police Recruitment Crisis  

Whether it is kids raising money with a lemonade stand to help a wounded officer, or officers buying a new toy electric car for a little boy who had his stolen, the relationship between little ones and the men and women of law enforcement can be heartwarming and inspiring.

Friday, September 21 | Careers

Many police departments have a pop-up tent, a folding table, and a bunch of knick-knacks with the department badge or logo to give away during street festivals and other events. This is a very passive recruitment tool, and arguably a giant waste of time and resources. Where the real recruitment opportunities exist are in the day-to-day contact between young people and the police officers who serve their communities.

How the Threat of Terrorism has Changed Since 9/11  

In online recruitment literature and videos, groups like ISIS and al Qaeda have given instructions — while simultaneously radicalizing impressionable young American citizens to participate in jihad — to use simple weapons and tactics to conduct lone-wolf attacks.

Friday, September 14 | Patrol

Now that law enforcement — particularly the FBI — has placed such an emphasis on investigating and thwarting attacks, a complex and costly plan like the one used on 9/11 would come to the attention of some three-letter agency, and the attackers arrested or killed (depending upon where we found them). Consequently, the tactics of the major terrorist organizations have changed.

Why "Safe Injection Sites" are the Wrong Answer to the Opioid Question  

On paper, these sites seem like a good idea — in practice, probably not so much.

Friday, September 7 | Patrol

Drug addicts need treatment, not assistance in furthering their addiction. The government and the private sector should be helping addicts shake their addiction — not giving them a "safe place" to continue destroying themselves.

How Intelligence-Led Policing Makes Communities Safer  

By combining the best attributes of proactive and reactive response, intelligence-led policing can help you fight crime and reduce community resistance.

Tuesday, September 4 | Technology

ILP’s core philosophy: humanizing police, as well as the citizens they protect, is the most effective form of crime prevention.

Telling the Stories of American Police Officers' Courage and Compassion  

Plenty of pro-police citizens follow your department — especially on sites like Facebook and Twitter — and these are precisely the people with whom you should be directly communicating.

Friday, August 31 | Patrol

When the Fort Worth (TX) Police Department proactively invited their local media to a press conference to show the dash- and body-worn camera footage of a recent incident in which two officers rescued a suicidal woman who was standing precariously atop the safety barrier on a very high highway bridge — and allow their officers to answer questions and talk about their experiences on that day — I was very pleased indeed.

A Two-Fold Approach to Countering Gangs  

We have a gang presence here—as do all major urban and metropolitan regions of the country—but Richland County is simply not conducive to gangs or gang activity.

Tuesday, August 28 | Gangs

Gangs are a serious problem negatively impacting American culture. And the rise of gang activity as evidenced by the rash of shootings we've seen in major metropolitan areas like Chicago and elsewhere is increasingly threatening the very safety and security of both law enforcement officers and the communities we serve, nationwide.

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