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Autonomous Robots Prevent Crime

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Stacy Dean Stephens

VP Marketing & Sales

Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?



Visit this blog for information about the high-tech tools of the trade such as rugged laptops, night-vision scopes, patrol video, robots and more.


New models of patrol cars and motorcycles, performance tests, and accessories are the subject of these posts.
Women in Law Enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement

A panel discusses topics that matter to women in a male-dominated field, such as professional appearance, special equipment and physical challenges.
Editor's Notes

Editor's Notes

PoliceMag editors cover topics that matter to cops.


Look for resources about new long guns, handguns and less-lethal tools. You’ll also read about blades and weapon accessories.


Retired gang investigator Richard Valdemar taps his deep well of experience to tell you about how to combat gangs in your jurisdiction.


Active and retired officers offer straight talk to officers and deputies working the urban and rural beats of this country.


Chief Bill Harvey gives new officers the information they need, as they make the adjustment from an academy dorm room to a police patrol car.


Read posts about tactical teams, active-shooter training, and other topics for SWAT operators.


Officers are continuously refining their defensive tactics, firearms training, and scenario-based responses with the methods and tools of law enforcement training.
Latest Posts

The Future of Law Enforcement Communications  

The radio of the future may very well be a smartphone packed with mission critical apps.

Wednesday, May 2 | Technology

As a technologist, it’s my opinion that agencies will soon be able to receive much more tactical/situational information from all active incidents, including verbal transmissions, without ever touching a communications device.

My Memories of R. Lee Ermey  

Actor and combat Marine veteran R. Lee Ermey, who was a strong supporter of law enforcement and a fixture at the SHOT Show, died Sunday from complications of pneumonia.

Monday, April 16 | Editor's Notes

It was at the SOG booth in 2010 that I had the opportunity to interview "Gunny." We talked about his product endorsements, how he went from the Marines to standup comedy, what it was like working with Stanley Kubrick, his work hosting the History Channel's "Mail Call," and his love-hate relationship with watermelons.

Proposed California Use-of-Force Bill Won't Make Anyone Safer  

Requiring police use of force to be "necessary" begs the question of who would decide necessity and under what criteria.

Friday, April 13 | Patrol

If a police officer’s use of deadly force is deemed to be unnecessary to them and to people who share their beliefs, that officer can expect to be prosecuted and, if not imprisoned, run through a years-long ordeal that will ruin him physically, emotionally, and financially. And this, they promise, will protect the community.

POLICE Readers Overwhelmingly Support Right to Bear "Assault Weapons"  

Our exclusive survey shows law enforcement officers believe strongly in the Second Amendment and that includes the individual American's right to own, sell, and transfer magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifles with pistol grips and adjustable buttstocks.

Friday, April 6 | Weapons

Slightly more than 50% of respondents in our survey said 18-year-olds should be legally permitted to buy firearms. About 42% of respondents would like to see 21 as the minimum age for firearm purchase.

The Stephon Clark Protests are Perpetuating a Lie  

The press and the activists slant the story of this police shooting and other police shootings to make them sound like officers callously kill unarmed black men without mentioning the circumstances the officers faced or the actions of the suspects.

Friday, March 30 | Patrol

After the shooting, one officer can be heard asking his partner, “You all right? You hit?” indicating he thought Clark had a gun and was shooting back.

Dunphy: Stephon Clark Shooting was Justified  

It is true that he did not have a gun, but it is also true that the officers believed he did at the time they fired.

Tuesday, March 27 | Patrol

Both officers peek around the corner, at which time one of them shouts, “Show me your hands!” followed immediately by “Gun, gun, gun!” Both officers open fire, killing Clark.

In Your Own Words: What is your most memorable training experience?  

Thursday, March 15 | Editor's Notes

For the March 2018 issue of POLICE Magazine, we asked readers to answer, What is your most memorable training experience?

To Prevent School Shootings, Show Some Muscle  

The Florida massacre is clear evidence that we need greater police presence in our schools.

Friday, February 23 | Editor's Notes

Deterrence is not just a matter of having armed personnel or even sworn officers in the schools; it’s having the right officer, with the right equipment, and the right training.

Active Shooters, Gun Control, and Mental Health  

There are no easy answers for keeping Americans safe from mass killers.

Friday, February 16 | SWAT

If we are truly serious about reducing active shooter deaths, we must stop the political posturing and the self-serving, useless rhetoric and commit ourselves to the many viable solutions that are out there. We owe it to our children to find a way.

In Your Own Words: What is your dream law enforcement job?  

Monday, February 12 | Editor's Notes

For the February 2018 issue of POLICE Magazine, we asked readers to tell us about the law enforcement job of their dreams. Here's what they had to say.

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