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Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?



Visit this blog for information about the high-tech tools of the trade such as rugged laptops, night-vision scopes, patrol video, robots and more.


New models of patrol cars and motorcycles, performance tests, and accessories are the subject of these posts.
Women in Law Enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement

A panel discusses topics that matter to women in a male-dominated field, such as professional appearance, special equipment and physical challenges.
Editor's Notes

Editor's Notes

PoliceMag editors cover topics that matter to cops.


Look for resources about new long guns, handguns and less-lethal tools. You’ll also read about blades and weapon accessories.


Retired gang investigator Richard Valdemar taps his deep well of experience to tell you about how to combat gangs in your jurisdiction.


Active and retired officers offer straight talk to officers and deputies working the urban and rural beats of this country.


Chief Bill Harvey gives new officers the information they need, as they make the adjustment from an academy dorm room to a police patrol car.


Read posts about tactical teams, active-shooter training, and other topics for SWAT operators.


Officers are continuously refining their defensive tactics, firearms training, and scenario-based responses with the methods and tools of law enforcement training.
Latest Posts

Time to Thank the Sheepdogs  

All of law enforcement has been getting an inordinate amount of flak for the actions of a few officers, despite all of the good most in the profession do every day.

Wednesday, May 6 | Patrol

I have had co-workers—I have had friends—shot, killed, spit upon, bitten, and even stuck with a needle used by an intravenous drug user. Missing time with your family to investigate a crime against someone you have never met? That may sound crazy to some. But I guess peace officers are different—actually, I know they are.

The One Key Lesson Baltimore Cops Didn’t Learn from the L.A. Riots   

If there was a lesson the LAPD learned in 1992, it is that if you do not respond decisively to lawlessness, you will quickly have much more of it.

Wednesday, April 29 | Patrol

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gave instructions to police that protesters be given “space” to exercise their right to free speech. But in doing so, she admitted, “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

Bait Devices Help Law Enforcement Crack Down on Cellphone, Tablet Theft  

Anti-theft programs using Assisted Patrol's tracking and evidence capture technology are achieving excellent results in some of America's largest cities.

Monday, April 13 | Technology

Through its bait program using Assisted Patrol-equipped devices, Dayton arrested and convicted four individuals who had been arrested for a total of 45 felonies and theft from automobiles in the downtown precinct decreased by 80%for over one year. These results were achieved without stakeouts and with no overtime expenses.

PTSD: Breaking the Silence  

If you've experienced trauma, talking about what you're feeling and why can be the first step toward healing.

Friday, April 10 | Patrol

We may think we can control our grief, our terror, or our shame by remaining silent, but naming offers the possibility of a different kind of control.

Washington Post Columnist: "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" a Lie  

An African-American columnist for the Washington Post comes to an uncomfortable realization about the Ferguson shooting.

Thursday, March 19 | Patrol

Brown never surrendered with his hands up, and Wilson was justified in shooting Brown.

How One City Kept the Peace After a White Cop/Black Suspect OIS  

An Oklahoma chief worked with the community and investigative experts to defuse a potentially explosive situation.

Tuesday, March 10 | Patrol

"It was a classic example of what Force Science teaches about how shots often end up in the back," he notes. "An officer decides to shoot when he is facing a deadly threat, as McMillin was. But by the time the bullets impact, the suspect has begun to turn in flight, and the rounds strike in the back. With action and reaction times, it's unavoidable."

Gun Grabs Are Deadly Serious Even if Suspect Unarmed  

When suspects try to take their firearms, officers are justified in using lethal force.

Thursday, March 5 | Patrol

According to the FBI, since 2000, at least 57 police officers have been killed by their own weapons, which were taken away and used against them by suspects. So, again, the answer to the unnamed writer in the Times question is simple: if you take or attempt to take an officer's weapon, expect the officer to defend themselves.

The Basics of Body Armor  

There is some essential information that every officer needs to know about body armor.

Monday, March 2 | Patrol

Ballistic armor is designed to absorb a bullet's energy on impact, slowing the bullet, and flattening it to stop penetration.

5 Laughable Examples of How Hollywood Messes Up When Portraying Police  

These are the things that drive real police crazy about police movies and TV shows.

Tuesday, February 24 | Patrol

You know the scene: It’s a tense situation. A cop enters a room searching for a perp. He then makes a show of “racking” a service weapon, or putting a round in the chamber. The thing is, no cop would do that during this point in a call.

The Constantly Evolving Technological Needs in Community-Police Relations  

Effective analytics software can help you make right decisions about where law enforcement resources are most needed and strengthen your community-oriented policing programs.

Monday, February 9 | Technology

Pulling data from law enforcement records can be difficult, which is why an analytics software platform could be key to promoting relationships with the community. With a map-based tool, agencies can analyze their crime and calls-for-service data to create geographical profiles to see where crimes are being committed and reported. With these profiles, agencies can better see where officers need to be more visible and to interact with the community as a crime prevention tactic.

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