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Autonomous Robots Prevent Crime

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Stacy Dean Stephens

VP Marketing & Sales

Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?



Visit this blog for information about the high-tech tools of the trade such as rugged laptops, night-vision scopes, patrol video, robots and more.


New models of patrol cars and motorcycles, performance tests, and accessories are the subject of these posts.
Women in Law Enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement

A panel discusses topics that matter to women in a male-dominated field, such as professional appearance, special equipment and physical challenges.
Editor's Notes

Editor's Notes

PoliceMag editors cover topics that matter to cops.


Look for resources about new long guns, handguns and less-lethal tools. You’ll also read about blades and weapon accessories.


Retired gang investigator Richard Valdemar taps his deep well of experience to tell you about how to combat gangs in your jurisdiction.


Active and retired officers offer straight talk to officers and deputies working the urban and rural beats of this country.


Chief Bill Harvey gives new officers the information they need, as they make the adjustment from an academy dorm room to a police patrol car.


Read posts about tactical teams, active-shooter training, and other topics for SWAT operators.


Officers are continuously refining their defensive tactics, firearms training, and scenario-based responses with the methods and tools of law enforcement training.
Latest Posts

5 Considerations for Off-Duty Safety in the Era of Anonymous, Antifa, and BLM  

Anti-police groups and individuals are more likely now than ever to obtain a ton of information about you from online sources and well-protected police databases — and use it to bring you harm.

Friday, August 10 | Patrol

Earlier this week, it was reported that Black Lives Matter protesters "crashed" the wedding of one of the two Sacramento police officers reportedly involved in the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark. This incident offers a stark reminder that even when you are off duty, there are people who want to do you harm. Here are some thoughts about keeping yourself and your family safe away from the job.

The Real Reasons for Chicago's Deadly Crime Wave  

Chicago's leaders lack the political will and political courage necessary to stop the violence.

Wednesday, August 8 | Gangs

A question for the mayor: If it really is unacceptable, why do you continue to accept it?

Why the "Lip-Sync Challenge" Videos Have Value for Law Enforcement  

For the sake of the resultant positive press coverage of police — and more importantly, the intra- and inter-agency bonding over this competition — I approve of these videos.

Tuesday, August 7 | Patrol

There have been dozens — if not hundreds — of videos posted of individual officers and whole departments dancing and lip-syncing to popular music. Here's why they are a good thing for police.

Shooting Up Chicago  

74 killed, 11 shot over the weekend, and the city government is forcing the police to revise its protocols for transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming individuals, and undergo implicit bias training.

Tuesday, August 7 | Gangs

A court granted the ACLU of Illinois and Black Lives Matter Chicago permission to intervene in the consent decree negotiations.

The Homeless Crisis: Why Service Providers Should Partner with Police  

As with so many things, in the fight against homelessness, police have been thrust onto the front lines of a war they are ill-equipped to win.

Friday, July 27 | Patrol

We cannot fix the problem of homelessness through enforcement actions alone. Police are the people being called to deal with the issue at a street level, but they are not the people who have the capabilities to address the root causes of chronic homelessness — the two most common being mental health issues and substance abuse.

How the Lone Survivor Foundation Helped Heal Me  

If you feel—as I had—that you need a hand up, please reach out to the Lone Survivor Foundation—you will not regret it. If you know someone who needs help, reach out to them and tell them about the organization. The story of my experience is only one of many.

Thursday, July 26 | Patrol

The Lone Survivor Foundation restores, empowers, and renews hope for our wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.

How Protesters and Politicians Helped Increase Baltimore's Violent Crime  

The murder rate in Baltimore reached an all-time high last year — 342 people were killed — but is anybody really surprised?

Friday, July 20 | Careers

De-policing is an outcome — it is the direct result of protesters, politicians, and the press applying enormous pressure on police to do less policing — in which the obvious end state is an increase in violent crime.

How Can Law Enforcement Mitigate the Opioid Crisis in America?  

Opioids don't just kill drug addicts — opioids are killing officer morale as well

Friday, July 13 | Patrol

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), more than 115 people die by overdose on opioids — prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl — every day in America. That's roughly the equivalent of one (mostly-full) 737 airliner auguring into the earth every day.

What Does the FBI’s Latest Study on Active Shooters Really Mean?  

Hopefully the document serves to better educate the public about their pivotal role in preventing future tragedies from happening.

Friday, July 6 | Patrol

In late June, the FBI released what it called Phase Two of the agency’s ongoing examination of active killer events that took place between 2000 and 2013. The recent report revealed very little that law enforcement professionals didn’t already know.

How to Minimize Accidental “Struck By” Duty Deaths  

A culture change needs to happen.

Friday, June 29 | Patrol

Too many LEOs are dying beside the road because they were accidentally struck by another vehicle.

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