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Shots Fired: Charles City, Iowa 04•14•2007  

December 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

The call came in a little past 8 p.m. A suicidal man was parked inside a closed garage with the engine running. The Charles City, Iowa, officer assigned to the call was on his first night out and fell prey to many a rookie's bane: he got lost rolling to the call. That meant that the lieutenant who rolled to assist, Brandon Franke, was effectively on his own.

Shots Fired: Cochise County, Arizona 09•11•1997  

November 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

Long before the events of 2001, Sept. 11 had significant meaning for Dep. Tony Parrish of the Cochise County (Ariz.) Sheriff's Department. For on that date in 1997, he handled a call that changed his life and very nearly ended it.

Shots Fired: Arlington, Texas 08•10•1994  

October 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

Officer Paul Ware found himself facing an occupied train passing. He waited in his truck for the train to pass. Maybe he'd still get home at a decent hour. But if fortune had smiled on Ware, the grin had been one of a shining skull. For in coming to a stop in the shorter lane, Ware found himself abreast of a gold 1963 Chevy.

Shots Fired: Marion, Arkansas 01•30•2003  

September 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

When two men in a passing Bonneville paid scant attention to him—indeed, made a conspicuous effort to ignore him—Officer Freddy Williams of the Marion (Ark.) Police Department decided to direct his attention to them.

Shots Fired: City of Industry, California 09•03•2006  

August 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

Durante arrived at the scene just as Bright was putting out a crime broadcast with descriptions of the couple seen leaving the vehicle. Both had been seen running eastbound on Coleford before making a right on the next street, Newmarket.

Shots Fired: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 06•11•2004  

July 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

There are times when you have to take your time on a call. Times when you have to wait for backup, develop a well-coordinated game plan, and arrange for logistical and tactical support before you take action. But when a nine-year-old calls 911 and says that his daddy has just shot and killed his mommy and is coming for him, that isn't one of them.

Shots Fired: Pierce County, Washington 06-25-2006  

June 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

As a Washington State Trooper, Kelly Kalmbach had been given her fair share of adrenaline jolts courtesy of other drivers. But few had come so close to taking her out as the driver of a white Cadillac that nearly clipped her patrol car around midnight June 25, 2006, on State Route 7 near Spanaway.

Shots Fired: Salt Lake City, Utah 02•12•2007  

May 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

Sitting there, Hammond became dully aware of banging emanating from elsewhere in the mall. He thought it odd that mall construction should be taking place at such an hour. But as he neared the center of the mall, he looked down to his left from the second-floor walkway. That’s when he saw bloodied bodies lying on the ground below.

Shots Fired: Gilroy, California 09•11•2001  

April 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

Few dates have marked the American psyche like 9/11/01. And if nothing else had transpired that day, Seth Dawson would have had more than enough reason to remember it. But before that terrible Tuesday would end, Dawson, a Santa Clara County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Deputy, would have a very personal reason to remember that date in addition to the 9/11 atrocity.

Shots Fired: North Bergen, New Jersey 01•31•2005  

March 1, 2007

By Dean Scoville

Two hours into his shift, Pellechio monitored radio traffic concerning a developing domestic situation in the 8800 block of Boulevard East. An on-scene officer had requested additional units regarding a barricaded suspect at the location; the excited tone of his voice underscored the volatility of the situation.

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