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<p><em>Photo: Getty Images</em></p>

15 Things You Should Know About Speed Enforcement Tools  

February 7, 2018

By Melanie Basich

Many officers use radar and lidar speed monitoring devices regularly, but not everyone understands everything about how they work and the best ways to use them.

<p>All organizations face critical vulnerabilities when there is a disconnect between leadership and employees. <em>Photo: Getty Images</em></p>

Lead Your Way to a Successful Department  

February 7, 2018

By Todd Brimm

Effective leadership can inspire employees to become invested in your agency, ensuring organizational success.

<p><em>Photo: 5.11 Tactical</em></p>

Law Enforcement Lighting 2018  

February 7, 2018

By Melanie Basich

These illumination devices will help light the way on duty, day or night.

Flashlights and Weapon Lights  

February 7, 2018

By David Griffith

Other than badges and guns, the one tool that almost every officer carries on duty is a personal light. We asked officers how they buy, use, and train with their lights.

<p><em>Photo: Getty Images</em></p>

POLICE Survey: Flashlights and Weapon Lights  

February 7, 2018

By David Griffith

POLICE Magazine wanted to know more about your preferences for personal lighting on the job, so last month we conducted an extensive e-mail survey on the topic. Here are the results.

<p>Before agencies sell their retired patrol vehicles they usually remove equipment and try to reuse it. <em>Photo: City of Dublin</em></p>

How to Remarket Patrol Vehicles  

February 7, 2018

By Thi Dao

Fleet managers nationwide use a variety of strategies to sell their retired law enforcement vehicles.

<p><em>Photo: Ekin</em></p>

Ekin: Smart Patrol in a Lightbar  

February 7, 2018

By Melanie Basich

What if you could install one product on a patrol car that provided capability for automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition, and speed and parking violation detection? Billed as the first and only smart patrol in the world, Ekin's Patrol G2 is designed to do just that, in the form of a fully functioning lightbar.

<p>Editor David Griffith (Photo: Kelly Bracken)</p>

Lying with Numbers  

February 7, 2018

By David Griffith

The press and anti-police activists love to use statistics to slam police, but their interpretation is biased and they cook the data by leaving out key variables.

<p>Illustration: Sequoia Blankenship</p>

The End  

January 4, 2018

By Dave Smith

You create the ending of your own story, every call, every crisis, every day.

<p>Photo: Rich Portwood</p>

Lotar Combat Akrav Gen II Knife  

January 4, 2018

By Rich Portwood

This high-end folder was designed to be a serious defensive weapon and survival tool for law enforcement and the military. 

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