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In police work, situations can change in a heartbeat. You should rest assured that you can keep your feet under you, no matter where your shift takes you.

Boot Up For Success  

December 1, 2000

By Scott Smith

"Today, law enforcement personnel want a "duty" boot that is lightweight, comfortable and will hold up in all the various conditions these individuals find themselves in on a daily basis."

Tags: Footwear
The “Do the Right Thing” program fosters partnerships between police officers, kids and the community. Recent winners gathered for a snapshot with their chief of police. Standing, from left, Renee Stoodt, Dianna Monteigas, Asia Cunningham, Chief Raul Martinez, Christopher Cruz, Elouise Johnson; kneeling, from left, Tyrell Lawson and David Floyd III.

Honoring Youth Is Prescription for the Future  

December 1, 2000

By John A. Makholm

In these days of the Columbine High School shootings and countless other similar tragedies involving youngsters, we often allow these violent acts to overshadow the good deeds that young people perform in communities across the nation, each and every day.

Recipe for disaster? Cold tablets, containing pseudoephedrine, and common household lye are among the ingredients used to make methamphetamine.

An Investigator’s Guide to the Methamphetamine Lab  

December 1, 2000

By Detective David Street

The young children watched cartoons in the living room, while in the kitchen their mother dissolved cold tablets in a jar of denatured alcohol. She had closed up the house to keep the odors inside so her neighbors wouldn't call the police.

Protectors of the Courts: Important and Potentially Dangerous Assignment  

November 1, 2000

By Jim Weiss and Mary Dresser

In a democratic system, law comes before enforcement.  Law is predominant and as it concerns the hundreds of courthouses throughout the nation, it is the duty and responsibility of the bailiff to protect the integrity of the judicial system and ensure the safety of the court at all times.

New Gang Trends?  

November 1, 2000

By Investigator Al Valdez

Everything undergoes change and gangs are no exception.
Tags: Gangs

Even the Score: Point Shooting vs. Aimed Shooting  

November 1, 2000

By Officer Michael T. Rayburn

The point shooting vs. aimed shooting controversy will probably go on forever.  Wait a minute-are you kidding?  There should be absolutely no controversy surrounding whether or not point shooting is more effective than aimed shooting.

Sam Browne: Shifting Gear  

November 1, 2000

By Rebecca Stone

In the past, it may have held only a holster, gun and some bullets, but today's hard-working belts must carry an average of 8 to 10 and sometimes up to 15 pounds of equipment, ranging from flashlights, keys and handcuffs to OC spray, batons and duty weapons. In short, duty belts must be strong and have a stiff enough edge to support all the poundage.

The Importance of Being Responsive to Crime Victims  

October 1, 2000

By Arthur J. Lurigio, Ph.D., Mindy B. Mechanic, Ph.D.

The costs and consequences of crime can be measured in different ways.  When measured in dollar amounts, for example, crime costs more than 100 billion dollars annually for lost property, medical bills, and work absenteeism.  These costs are tangible measures of the heavy toll that crime exacts on our country's residents.

Shoot From the Ankle  

October 1, 2000

By Officer Michael Rayburn

Every year officers are disarmed and murdered with their own weapons.  It only makes sense to always carry while off duty and to always carry a back-up weapon while on duty.

Sharing the Truth  

October 1, 2000

By William Harvey

Does honesty apply to a department, or can a department retain its bragging rights?  Does it apply when it comes to sharing a full exchange of all information?  I think it should.

Tags: Ethics
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