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<p><em>Photo: Getty Images</em></p>

Gun Control, "Assault Weapons," and School Safety  

April 13, 2018

By David Griffith

Law enforcement officers are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and do not support measures to prohibit sales of "assault weapons" and "high-capacity" magazines to the public.

<p><em>Photo: Streamlight</em></p>

Police Product Test: Streamlight TLR-7  

April 5, 2018

By A.J. George

Streamlight's newest addition to its TLR line of weapon lights is ideal for compact and subcompact pistols.

<p><em>Photo: Amtec Less-Lethal Systems</em></p>

Less-Lethal Options  

April 4, 2018

By Melanie Basich

These tools provide officers more flexibility in how to respond to non-deadly threats.

<p><em>Chief Mark Stainbrook (Photo: San Diego Harbor Police)</em></p>

Strengthening the Chain of Command  

April 4, 2018

By Mark G. Stainbrook

Unlike in the military, LEOs often need reminders to communicate with their supervisors and subordinates to work as a well-oiled team.

<p><em>Photo: 5.11 Tactical</em></p>

Police Product Test: 5.11 Tactical Defender-Flex Jean  

April 4, 2018

By A.J. George

These comfortable, rugged dungarees are designed from the ground up to be anything but your stereotypical tactical pants.

<p>Credit card interest is a common destructive expense that pushes you toward poverty and away from prosperity. <em>Photo: Getty Images</em></p>

Expenses: What to Cut and What to Keep  

April 4, 2018

By Adam Doran

Not everything you spend money on is equal, so learn to prioritize.

<p>You can increase the realism of simulator training for your officers by filming scenarios in your jurisdiction. <em>Photo: Lon Bartel</em></p>

Adding More Realism to Training  

April 4, 2018

By Lon Bartel

Officers perform better when their training includes drills and scenarios that require them to use their skills in context under realistic conditions.

<p><em>Photo: POLICE file</em></p>

Maintaining Your Force  

April 3, 2018

By Melanie Basich

To avoid needlessly recruiting additional officers, agencies are working to keep current officers happy in their careers.

<p><em>Photo: Michigan State Police</em></p>

Thinking Outside of the Recruiting Box  

April 3, 2018

By Melanie Basich

Agencies are being forced to embrace new ways of reaching potential hires to fill their ranks.

<p>Portable LPR systems such as this NDI Road Warrior can constantly monitor an area and be moved as needed. <em>Photo: NDI Recognition Systems</em></p>

12 Things You Need to Know About LPR  

April 3, 2018

By David Griffith

License plate recognition is one of the most effective but most misunderstood crime prevention tools available to law enforcement.

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